Breast cancer is the most common neoplasmatic disease that affects women, with negative effects not only on the patient themselves but also on the family. But in recent years, the news is encouraging, as progress in the early diagnosis and therapy is progressing, and the course of the disease can be curtailed, resulting in full recovery in an increasing number of women.

To defeat breast cancer we need to detect it, only then, we can fight it.

Preventive imaging of women by mammography and ultrasound is the best way of early diagnosis.

International studies estimate that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer, more than 600,000 die annually from the disease, and annual imaging has reduced mortality by 24-34%.

This regular testing should begin at the age of 40 years, while women with a family cancer history should start testing around the age of 25 and from the age of 35 should also have a mammogram.

Of course, a woman should never omit self-examination, which is suggested to start around the age of 20 years old together with a medical examination from the doctor.

October, breast cancer awareness month, annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease, teaching that when caught at an early stage the cancer can be fully cured.

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